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Required patch for Linux 2.6.39: nvidia-drivers-180.60-linux-2.6.39.patch

:!: This patch also contains the official security fix for CVE-2012-0946 (

:!: The drivers beginning from the 185.15.* series till now, were not usable on this hardware so far.

Applying the patch:

sh --apply-patch nvidia-drivers-180.60-linux-2.6.39.patch

The original file will not be changed the patched installer's name is:

If installing the driver for the first time:

sh -s --no-opengl-headers

If installing the driver after a Linux kernel upgrade;

sh -s -K --no-opengl-headers

Problem with the binary Nvidia driver and my Samsung M50


01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation NV43 [GeForce Go 6600] (rev a2)

  • I am not using any frame buffer stuff

My problem:

By default my system boots up to runlevel 3, I have to login and start X manually. From a running X, I can switch to any virtual terminal but they are black, I can not read anything. Switching back to X is no problem and everything is fine for the X display. If I quit X the virtual terminal stays black. They are all black like when switching to a VT from a running X.

Which seems to be a known problem:


  • I can not see anything but I can type commands which gets executed if I press 'Return'
  • the display backlight is on (I can switch it off and on with FN + F5 but this does not change anything)

Howto create a bug report log file

startx -- -logverbose 6


after the problem has occurred


modprobe nvidia NVreg_UseVBios=0

or better put this in /etc/modprobe.conf

options nvidia NVreg_UseVBios=0

Tested drivers

driver version works (nvidia-bug-report.log) works with workaround
185.18.14 no (nvidia-bug-report.log.185.18.14) yes
180.60 no (nvidia-bug-report.log.180.60) yes
180.51 no (nvidia-bug-report.log.180.51) yes
180.44 no (nvidia-bug-report.log.180.44) yes
180.29 no (nvidia-bug-report.log.180.29) yes
180.27 (pre-release) no (nvidia-bug-report.log.180.27) yes
180.22 no (nvidia-bug-report.log.180.22) yes
177.82 no (nvidia-bug-report.log.177.82) yes
177.80 no (nvidia-bug-report.log.177.80) yes
177.78 (beta) no (nvidia-bug-report.log.177.78)
177.76 (beta) no (nvidia-bug-report.log.177.76)
177.70 (beta) no (nvidia-bug-report.log.177.70)
177.68 (beta) no (nvidia-bug-report.log.177.68)
177.67 (beta) no (nvidia-bug-report.log.177.67)
173.14.12 no (nvidia-bug-report.log.173.14.12)
173.14.09 no (nvidia-bug-report.log.173.14.09)
173.14.05 no (nvidia-bug-report.log.173.14.05)
173.08 (beta) no (nvidia-bug-report.log.173.08)
171.06 (beta) no (nvidia-bug-report.log.171.06)
169.12 no (nvidia-bug-report.log.169.12)
169.09 no (nvidia-bug-report.log.169.09)
169.07 no (nvidia-bug-report.log.169.07)
169.04 (beta) no (nvidia-bug-report.log.169.04)
100.14.23 (beta) no (nvidia-bug-report.log.100.14.23)
100.14.19 no (nvidia-bug-report.log.100.14.19)
100.14.11 no (nvidia-bug-report.log.100.14.11)
100.14.09 no (nvidia-bug-report.log.100.14.09)
100.14.06 no (nvidia-bug-report.log.100.14.06)
1.0-9755 no (nvidia-bug-report.log.1.0-9755)
96.43.09 (beta) yes (nvidia-bug-report.log.96.43.09)
96.43.07 yes (nvidia-bug-report.log.96.43.07)
96.43.05 yes (nvidia-bug-report.log.96.43.05)
96.43.01 yes (nvidia-bug-report.log.96.43.01)
1.0-9639 yes (nvidia-bug-report.log.1.0-9639)
1.0-9631 yes (nvidia-bug-report.log.1.0-9631)


At the moment there are only two possibilities:

  • use this workaround
  • running the latest Legacy GPU version (1.0-96xx series) because this is the latest available driver which does not show black VTs when switching from X to a VT or after quitting X

Creating a new patch

sh --extract-only &&
wget &&
cp -pR NVIDIA-Linux-x86-180.60-pkg0/ NVIDIA-Linux-x86-180.60-pkg0_patched &&
cd NVIDIA-Linux-x86-180.60-pkg0_patched &&
patch -p0 -i ../nvidia-drivers-180.60-linux-2.6.39.patch &&
cd usr/src/nv &&
make module

fix the error

make clean &&
rm -f modules.order Module.symvers &&
cd ../../../../NVIDIA-Linux-x86-180.60-pkg0 &&
diff -Naur usr/ ../NVIDIA-Linux-x86-180.60-pkg0_patched/usr/ > ../nvidia-drivers-180.60-linux-2.6.40.patch
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