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Required: Python, pygame, PyOpenGL

cd src &&
python ./

Using the Guitar Hero 3 Wii controller

Required: cwiid

Here is my configuration:

#Green fret
Classic.A = KEY_F1

#Red fret
Classic.B = KEY_F2

#Yellow fret
Classic.X = KEY_F3

#Blue fret
Classic.Y = KEY_F4

#Orange fret
Classic.ZL = KEY_F5

Classic.Down = KEY_ENTER

#Escape -  switch if you want the other button to be cancel
#Classic.Plus = KEY_ESC
Classic.Minus = KEY_ESC

#Analog stick for movement
Classic.LStick.X = ~ABS_X
Classic.LStick.Y = ~ABS_Y

The analog stick works like a joystick, don't forget to map its' axis in the game settings (Settings → Key Settings).

Before you start the game, run (assuming you saved the above configuration to /etc/cwiid/wminput/gth3):

wminput -c gth3
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